Conversations with a Motorcycle

This book is about seduction… Being seduced by the wind… By the scream of an engine… By the dancing of the headlight… By raw speed… And by the road itself.

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Conversations with a Motorcycle

Conversations With a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

Available December 2017


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The Motorcycle Rider’s Diet

Available spring 2018


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Tom Cutter

Didnt suck.

–Tom Cutter

David Edge

Just finished it. A great read.  I couldnt put it down. Whens the sequel coming out?  

– David Edige

Dave Case

I’m really enjoying your book.  The 3 sentences you wrote, back to back, to end Chapter 5 were the most poignantly accurate statements about motorcycling I’ve ever read.  And with those words, you poise the reader for things to come.  Brilliant, my friend, simply brilliant. 

– Dave Case